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Root Canal Therapy

Are you experiencing tooth pain or have a tooth that is sensitive to hot and cold?

Believe it or not, your teeth can actually die. How? At the center of each tooth lies dental pulp, which helps to keep your teeth healthy by providing them with nerves and nutrients. However, if your dental pulp becomes damaged - such as by injury or disease - it can die.

Signs that your dental pulp may be damaged include:

  • Pain and swelling of the gums or cheek
  • Discomfort in a tooth while chewing
  • Difficulty eating hot or cold foods

Undergoing root canal therapy helps to save your tooth by removing the infected pulp and building the tooth back up again, using lab-fabricated dental materials. The dental professionals at Artdent Family Dentistry, along with Dr. Tayefi, will examine you to ensure you get the appropriate treatment.